Organic Chocolate Bar


I love chocolate, but something I never gave much thought to is what goes into an ordinary chocolate bar.  Little did I realize that chocolate can have pesticide residue just like apples or other produce.  Now I think twice about eating chocolate; unless of course it’s organic chocolate. Buying organic chocolate is not just about avoiding pesticide residue, it’s also about protecting the environment.

Organic Chocolate

  • Organic chocolate does not contain pesticides
    • Pesticide residue in cocoa powder is allowed (within established tolerances set by the EPA).
    • You don’t ingest large does of pesticide when you eat chocolate, but who wants to eat small amounts of poison? Pesticides are designed to kill!
  • Organic chocolate tastes better.
  • Growing conventional chocolate is terrible for the environment
    • Consider the fact that the natural habitat of the cocoa plant is in the shade of the rain forest where it thrives and produces the best cocoa in the indirect canopy sunlight.
    • Non-organic chocolate is often grown in direct sunlight.  As a result the cocoa plants become stressed and pesticides become necessary.
  • A good alternative is “Fair trade” chocolate which helps to ensure that small farmers can stay on their land and farm in a responsible manner.
Live Organic (52 Brilliant Ideas) by Lynn Huggins Cooper

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