Plastic Food Containers Leach Hormone Disrupting Chemcials Into Your Food. Learn How and Why to Find Safer Alterantives.

Why I’m Not Using Plastic Containers for Food

This post may contain affiliate links, you can read my affiliate disclosure here. Our journey started when I first learned how microwaving plastic containers and storing food in plastic leaches chemicals into food.  So I simply quit putting plastic in the microwave and today I still don’t do it.  A quick win when removing toxins […] Read more…

Silicone Container

Silicone Container – an Alternative to Plastic

What is Silicone Silicone is a hybrid between glass and plastic.  It has the flexibility of plastic, but like glass doesn’t react with most materials.  Silicone is definitely a safer alternative to plastic storage containers, but I still feel that glass is the safest option. Why Avoid Plastic for Food Storage? Plastic food storage containers […] Read more…