Plastic Food Containers Leach Hormone Disrupting Chemcials Into Your Food. Learn How and Why to Find Safer Alterantives.

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Our journey started when I first learned how microwaving plastic containers and storing food in plastic leaches chemicals into food.  So I simply quit putting plastic in the microwave and today I still don’t do it.  A quick win when removing toxins from your life is to pay more attention to what touches your food and drink.  Over time I’ve replaced all of the plastic containers in our kitchen with glass.  I have a few simple rules you can easily use to reduce some of the toxins in your life.

Reasons to Avoid Plastic Containers for Food

  • A lot of plastic is made from BPA or similar compounds. BPA is a building block for making plastic and plastic additives.  It is a hormone disruptor, which means it can cause harm by reprogramming cells, or altering gene function.
  • You should also be aware of the fact that the alternatives to BPA may not have been thoroughly tested for long term effects.  BPA Free does not necessarily mean that is free of hormone disrupting chemicals.
  • Plastic is heat sensitive. This means that plastic heated in the microwave or the dishwasher will slowly degrade and allow chemicals to migrate into your food.
  • Did you know that “microwave safe” only means that the plastic won’t be visibly damaged.
  • Small amounts here and there may not make a difference, but over time and constant exposure health issues like obesity, anxiety or depression maybe in your future.

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Easy Tips

NEVER put plastic in the microwave. Always transfer food to a glass or ceramic dish before heating.

AVOID putting plastic containers in the dishwasher or subjecting them to heat.

DON’T store hot, acidic or oily foods in plastic. These types of foods are more likely to cause reactions with the plastic which promotes leaching of chemicals.

INVEST in glass storage containers. You don’t need to go out right now and buy some expensive glass containers. Wait for sales and coupons or ask for glass containers as birthday/Christmas presents. We use these Pyrex Containers and I love them!.

DON’T reuse plastic water bottles and old plastic containers. One use plastics are not designed for repeated use, are less durable and more likely to degrade and leach chemicals.

KEEP babies safe and use glass baby bottles. When my kids were little I used these glass baby bottles without any issues.

RECYCLE plastic containers when they get heavily worn and scratched.

AVOID plastic types #3, and #6 and be careful of type #7. (source)

You may not notice any immediate difference when switching from plastic containers to safer alternatives like glass or silicone you can rest in the knowledge that you are reducing your overall chemical burden.  It’s really the long term health effects that I worry about. Just keep these easy tips in the back of your mind and soon they will become second nature so you won’t even have to think about it. 

Is Plastic Making You Fat and Anxious by Mira Dessy
photo credit: armigeress via photopin cc

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  2. There are a lot of outrageous claims in this and other articles on your website, and almost none of it is cited. The sources you do post are entertainment articles with no sources cited there either. You’d seem much more credible if there was any solid evidence cited.

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