Participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project

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Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Project is about raising awareness of food allergies by giving out non candy treats for Halloween. One of the main reasons I wanted to participate is for allergy awareness. Our almost 4 year old is allergic to milk, and peanuts. Going trick or treating and having your entire bucket of candy dwindled down to a few pieces is not a pleasant experience. Its also nice to be able to help others who are in the same situation. As a bonus, we won’t be harming the health of our neighbors. There are many reasons why we AND our kids should not be eating candy, but trick or treating should still be a fun tradition.

Whats the big deal about candy?

  • Sugar overload, we all know sugar is terrible for our health especially when we eat too much.
  • Sugar is addicting, the more candy we eat the less room there is for real foods that will nourish us.
  • The majority of cheap candy being handed out on Halloween contain nasty ingredients.
  • Did you know chocolate manufactures still use slavery to make their chocolate?

Our Teal Pumpkin Project Halloween Experience

Trick or Treating

Going out trick or treating was so exciting for the kids. Unfortunately about 95% of the candy was chocolate. There was also a decent amount of Reese and other peanut butter candy. On the bright side, one neighbor was handing out mini buckets of play dough. This was exciting since our kids have been really into play dough lately.

Handing Out Treats

We only had a handful of trick or treaters, but a few people stood out. One was a father who kept saying how he appreciated not getting candy for his kids. A few kids sounded excited to get stamps and stickers.

For the Teal Pumpkin Project I bought some stamps and some stickers. It wasn’t too much more expensive than buying a very large bag of candy.

Treat Ideas

  • Glow sticks
  • Play Dough
  • Stamps
  • Stickers
  • Small Toys


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