My name is Pauline, I’m a full time programmer, and full time mommy of 3.  I’m here to share our families experiences as we try to ditch the toxins in our everyday life.  This blog is for anyone who wants to learn more about toxins and take action to reduce toxins in everyday life without becoming overwhelmed.

I know from experience it can be extremely overwhelming to find out how many toxins surround us to the point where you just quit and don’t do anything.  Which then means you make no progress even though in the back of your mind you know something is bad for you.

Sure we can go ahead and ignore the whole topic, but did you know the kind of food we eat has an impact our mood, our energy levels and ultimately our life and those around us. In addition to food there are also invisible toxins found in our house, cleaning supplies, and skin care products that can also affect our health.

In order for most of us to change our habits it takes something dire to happen.  In my case it was severe eczema and food allergies in my kids.  When I first starting reading and learning about toxins I realized how bad these things were, but it wasn’t enough to make me change my habits until a health crisis came up.  My hope is that people can learn from our family experiences something that will either help solve an existing health crisis, or prevent one from happening.

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